Carriwell – Seamless Drop Cup Nursing Bra


These seamless nursing bras provide great comfort day or night.  They give amazing support, especially if you have found the support in other seamless bras lacking for an E+ cup.

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Carriwell seamless drop cup nursing bras are just fantastic.  I can’t say enough great things about them.  They are seamless, so you will never be more comfortable day or night.  They provide amazing support, especially if you have found the support in other seamless bras lacking for an E+ cup.  The breast coverage in these Carriwell nursing bras is also great, leaving nowhere for breast tissue to go when you are active all day or sleeping on your side.  These Carriwell nursing bras also fit a range of sizes so that they fit you through pregnancy and breastfeeding during all of those times when your breasts are changing size on a regular basis.

Available in:    Black, White and Nude

Material:          91% Polyamide  9% Elastane

Washing Instructions

  • Washine wash at up to 40°C with like colours (white can handle 60°C)
  • Tumble dry or hang

Imagine a feeding bra that fulfils your every need – comfort, support, style, quality, fit and then add function & convenience. These are all critical elements that will make the difference between a good and a “great” seamless nursing bra.

The silky soft breathable microfiber fabric moulds to your changing body, whilst skin-to-skin contact between mom and baby is maximised during nursing due to the unique non-inner, cup design. This bares your entire breast when the front cup is lowered providing total skin-to-skin contact, thus enhancing and adding to your joyous nursing experience!

  • No irritating seams or stiff under-wire.
  • Suitable for everyday wear and as a sleep bra.
  • Simple one-handed release clasp for easy nursing.
  • Complimentary bra extender adding to adjustability.
  • 3 hook and eye on the back for added comfort and support.
  • Soft cup style nursing bras are highly recommended by lactation consultants.
  • Perfect to wear under t-shirts due to the seamless, smooth & invisible design.
  • The wide under band substitutes under wire i.e. extra support & “lifting”of the breasts.

We have taken into consideration that women’s breasts can increase by 2 cup sizes between feedings, and that it is imperative during pregnancy & nursing that milk ducts are not restricted.

One of the most important functions of our bras is flexibility. A traditional bra cannot “expand” and then drop down a size and still retain its support. The feeding bra has to be able to “adapt & support” larger milk filled breasts.