Using a sling or carrier to care for your baby or child is one more parenting toll in your toolbox that can really make a difference at any stage of development.  The joy in a new parents eyes when they discover that they can have their hands free, but still hold their baby who can’t be put down is why I chose to train as a babywearing consultant.

I am a fully qualified and insured babywearing consultant, having completed my training with The School of Babywearing CIC in early 2017.  There is nothing quite like seeing the joy in a new parents eyes when they get the use of their arms back by using a sling to keep their newborn close and safe.

I would love to share the joys of using a sling or carrier with your baby or child, and offer the following options –


Standard Consultation (£40 in your home, £30 in my home) – This is a 60-90 minute consultation in the comfort of your home or mine where I can tailor the information provided to your individual needs.  Some suggested situations –

  • Expectant parents.
  • Foster parents.
  • Adoptive parents.
  • New parents.
  • Moving on from a newborn stretchy wrap to another carrier.
  • Back carrying.


Mini Consultation (£15 in your home or mine) – This is a 30-45 minute consultation in the comfort of your home or mine to discuss 1 or 2 specific carriers or follow up from a previous consultation to provide tweaks or troubleshoot your own carrier and expand on your knowledge.


Before and After Baby Bundle (£60 in your home, £50 in my home) – This is a package of 2 consultations.  A 60-90 minute visit before baby arrives to get ready, followed by a 60-90 minute consultation after baby arrives to troubleshoot any difficulties you may be having, or even when baby is ready to move on from the newborn stretchy wrap.


For all consultations I will do a pre-consult assessment to determine your needs and bring suitable carriers, slings and demonstration dolls with me.  Each consultation includes free hire of a carrier until the next closest sling library event in your area, or until your chosen sling purchase arrives.

I have the following types of slings –

  • Newborn stretchy wraps and stretchy hybrids
  • Full buckle carriers suitable from newborn
  • Full buckle carriers suitable for toddlers
  • Mei Tai (Asian style carrier)
  • Ring Slings
  • Woven Wraps


Door Step Collection and Quick Fit (£5 in my home) – This is a 5-10 minute appointment at my home giving you the opportunity to pick up a carrier that you are renting or buying with an opportunity to fit the carrier and make sure you know how to use it.